April 08, 2015

Alyssa's Spring Inspired Essentials



Today we are kicking off Spring and celebrating new energy with some Spring Inspired Essentials.

Here are the things I'm currently loving... 

1. Positive Prints- I love this "Good Vibes Only" print via Etsy. Find a fun, inspiring, affordable print to hang on your wall at home or office. It's a great way to remind yourself (and guests) to stay positive in your sacred space. 

2. The COC Ultra Mat- the must-have item for your at home COC practice.  You can now enjoy Mind Body Bootcamp workouts from any where in the world. And jump on a mat that is specifically created for this unique movement system. Soft on the skin, supportive for the ankles, knees & back, with an insane grip! 

3. Post Workout Wipes- These are a fitness junkie must! Getting your daily workout in is essential, but we don't always have the time or place to shower afterwards. Solution: Mio Skincare Clean Slate Wipes 

4. Fresh Flowers- Nothing says Spring like some fresh blooms. Swing by your local corner store, farmer's market or pick some from the garden. 

5. Spring Detox- Ready to feel lighter, more energized and toxic free? My online detox program provides step-by-step guidance for eating clean, detoxing the body, eliminating daily stress, and finally figuring out which foods fuel you (and which ones you should avoid!). Participate from anywhere in the world, receive access to a private Detox Facebook group and unlimited email support throughout the entire process. 

6. Perfect Skin- Keep your skin hydrated, beautiful and flaw-less with The Present. I can not live without this face primer. It's the perfect amount of moisture, and keeps make-up looking fresh all day! 

7. Reinvent Your Body Resurrect Your Soul- Highly recommend this book by spiritual leader Deepak Chopra. Spring is a great time for self-transformation, change, and re-birth. He breaks down 5 important lessons for the body and another 5 for the soul. These lessons will bring new levels of awareness into every aspect of your life. 

8. COC Tank- Feel connected to your practice & your community when you rock this super soft muscle tank. The perfect fit and style for any workout, and a great reminder to continue on YOUR personal "Circuit of Change".

Happy Spring!

xo Alyssa


image created by: Amber Steel