The COC Method

"Circuit of Change is what a workout should be: An energizing yet calming practice that reminds you
of your own ability to transform not only your body but also your mind" - The Huffington Post.


The Circuit of ChangeTM Method is a revolutionary movement training system that combines Power Yoga, Kickboxing, and Primal Movements. Designed to dramatically strengthen the body, improve flexibility, build endurance, and bring balance to the mind.

If you are looking for workout that is never the same as the next, a community that is super supportive, and the long lasting effects of intense spiritual movement...

We welcome you to Circuit of Change.

Become part of a community that values health, happiness and inspiring positivity. It doesn't matter if you have a consistent practice, haven't worked out in years, or possibly ever. Each day is a new beginning to embrace who you are, and what you are willing to do to bring your best to the surface.

Your Circuit of Changes begins with YOU.