Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I 'favorite' a video so I can easily view again without searching for it?

A: The top right hand corner of each video has a star you can click to add to "Favorites". You can then select "My Account", and at the top of the page you will see "Favorites". You will also be able to view your "History". 

Q: I’m a fitness beginner. Is the Circuit of Change program right for me?

A: The Circuit of Change program is designed with all levels of fitness in mind. Beginners will build stamina and endurance, while pro athletes will find their limits tested. And beginners have a unique advantage: the opportunity to experience dramatic change in your body and mind! Beginners consistently tell us that they're finding strength, peace, and joy in movement that they never thought was possible. As a fitness beginner, you're not alone -- and you're about to enter a relationship with your body that will absolutely change your life. We're so excited to have you here!

Q: How often do you recommend working out on the Circuit of Change program? Should I take “rest” days?

A: Our core recommendation: listen to your body. At the Circuit of Change studio, we have students working out every day.  But we think the sweet spot for most people is physically every other day, or 3-4 times a week, but meditation daily. With that level of consistent training, you're guaranteed to see real results without burning out -- and to stay motivated by the positive change you'll experience in body and mind. 

Q: Do the videos follow a certain progression?

A: Our beginner videos are intended to get you up to speed with the Circuit of Change movement/vocabulary, and can be referred back to at any time if you want to check your form. Beyond that, the workouts are designed to challenge and connect the whole body, every time. Mix and match and keep surprising yourself.

Q: How quickly will I start to see results on the Circuit of Change program?

A: With the Circuit of Change system, you'll be seeing and feeling results from day one -- our students finish their workouts with an endorphin boost you wouldn't believe (and that you'll start craving, just wait and see!). Calmer mind, clearer skin, leaner, stronger body -- the results build over time, and we encourage you to track not just the physical benefits, but the mental and spiritual ones too!

Q: Does Circuit of Change include a dietary protocol?

A: Circuit of Change isn't a diet -- but as we all know, what you give your body directly affects what your body gives you. We offer seasonal detox programs designed to balance your system and up your energy, so you get the greatest possible benefit from the Circuit of Change method.

Q: I’ve heard that doing one kind of exercise all the time isn’t effective. Should I switch up Circuit of Change with other workouts?

A: Circuit of Change has the switch-ups built in -- you'll be alternating bursts of high-intensity kickboxing and mixed-martial arts with yogic flows and primal movements that focus on balance, flexibility, and breath. This non-stop motion builds cardiovascular endurance and also makes sure that your muscles and mind get sufficient stretch -- so you're at low risk for injury, soreness, or boredom.

Q: I have joint pain and/or chronic injuries. Can I do the Circuit of Change program? Are there specific modifications you recommend? 

A: Circuit of Change is designed to be responsive to your body. While our MindBody Bootcamp is a high intensity workout, we make it easy to modify each movement, and our mantra is Listen to your body. We're all pretty inundated with should's and should-not's -- rules that seem to change with each new trend -- but few of us learn to follow our body's intuitions for best health. That's the change that Circuit of Change is all about! So if jumps don't suit your knees, keep your feet planted -- you'll still reap the benefits of a quad workout. If your wrists act up on pushups or down-dogs, feel free to hold plank or stretch into a child's pose. And if you have specific concerns as you make your way through the videos, reach out to us. We're happy to make suggestions based on our experience (with the disclaimer that your doctor's recommendation is #1). 

Q: Is there a way to connect with other people who are doing the Circuit of Change program, either online or in person?

A: Absolutely. Our community is passionate, and active on Facebook, Instagram, as well as  our NYC studio. We also encourage you to join up with friends! Nothing like accountability to keep motivation strong and movement fun.  

Q: I don’t have fancy workout equipment. Does Circuit of Change require special clothes / props / tons of space?

A: The beauty of Circuit of Change is that the movement is totally organic and uses only your bodyweight to build strength. Each workout is designed to be performed barefoot, within the confines of a single yoga mat, and no props are required. Dress comfortably and confidently, as you would for any workout. Our only firm recommendation is a thicker (at least 6-8mm) yoga mat that can stand up to cardio sequences and rocking and rolling -- we want you safe and supported! However if you wish to skip and modify some of these movements, a regular size yoga mat will be perfect.