Mind Body Bootcamp- Workout 3 (30 min)


MIND BODY BOOTCAMP combines all the key elements of martial arts, cardio core strengthening, gymnastics, plyometrics, yoga, and meditation for the ultimate mindbody experience. With innovative sequencing, playful transitions and a surge of positive vibes, this class will have you feeling energetically pumped!


  • 20 Minute Demo & Technique Video (explaining all moves & modifications for bootcamp, core, and yoga)
  • 30 Minute Mind Body Bootcamp Full Body Workout 


EQUIPMENT NEEDED: The Circuit of Change Ultra Mat, or a mat that is minimum (10mm) in thickness.

FUN FACT: Each workout video is filmed in ONE take! There is no fancy lighting, stage or special effects. These workouts are RAW. The sweat is 100% REAL. If you don't get a break, then I don't get a break. We are in this together. 

*Note: Every Mind Body Bootcamp Workout is Different! You will be challenged to move your body in new ways, pushing your physical and mental limits so that you are never bored and never plateau again.

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