Meet Brian

Brian Delmonico is a dad, husband, and founder of Circuit of Change, the popular life elevating system of movement, holistic wellness, and personal transformation. He is a former All-American, Big Ten Champion Gymnast and Ironman Triathlete.

Brian was blessed to received his life's calling, after a gymnastics injury left him with a fractured L4, L5 vertebra his senior year in college. Circuit of Change was inspired by his journey to full recovery, and his passion fueled message that "Movement Will Heal You".

As a sought after movement expert, he’s been featured in the The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Women's Health, The Daily News, and Time Out New York.

When he's not teaching classes, leading events & trainings around the world, you can find him hiking, playing guitar, or working on his farm in Upstate New York.

"Move your body. Awaken your heart. Transform your life" - Brian Delmonico


Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Delmonico is a transformational guide, Circuit of Change Lead Movement Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Wife & Mama.

For the past decade she has been inspiring clients to tune into their intuition, raise their vibration, and reclaim their inner power. She has also been sharing her passion and knowledge of plant-based eating and non-toxic living through her workshops, detox programs, and personalized coaching programs.

For the past decade she has been supporting others in achieving the most effective ways to honor themselves, with an approach that is always fun, accessible, and full of love.

She believes that by opening our hearts wide open we can find true health and happiness. Through her in person and online classes, wellness workouts, retreats, trainings, and transformational coaching she helps guide and inspire others to thrive from the inside out.

"One decision, one conversation, one new thought, one act, one smile... one small step forward, can create massive transformation in your life." - Alyssa Delmonico